How to Make a Canadian Visa 2020

How to Make a Canadian Visa 2020

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To be able to enter this country is not as complicated as the process of entering the United States, even though both use visitor visas. To apply for a Canadian visa, you can apply for it online with a fast application process and a long validity period. I myself went to Canada in 2010 and planned to come back again because many had not been visited

Two Ways To Make A Canadian Visa

There are two ways to make a Canadian visa, namely online and on paper, which means you have to print all completed forms on white, non-glossy paper. If you decide to apply for a Canadian visa on paper, you must also include a special form that authorizes the other party to apply for your visa.

However, either online or on paper, you are required to fill out the form online first. You also have to prepare the prescribed documents, pay the visa fee, and visit the visa application center in person.

Are You Eligible To Apply For A Canadian Visa?

Before preparing and filling out a visa application form, there is one step that must be taken to determine whether you are eligible to apply for a Canadian visa. This step is very important, because the results of the data collection will determine the eligibility of whether you can apply for a Canadian visa or not. You can check your eligibility at this link.

On this form, there are several forms that must be filled in, you also have to answer all these questions according to the facts. The questions are about nationality, age, work, family, and many other things.

After completing the form and being declared eligible to apply for a Canadian visa, then you will receive a “Personal Reference Code”. This code is required to register an account and also a visa, so keep the code carefully and don’t lose it. Then you just have to follow the next steps according to the instructions.

Documents to be prepared

As with the process of making a visa to another country, you also have to prepare the documents needed so that your traveling trip to Canada goes without a hitch. Documents prepared can be in the form of photocopies or scans.

  • Scan passports, especially on identity pages
  • Travel history in the form of visa scans or stamps in and out of countries that have been
  • visited in the last ten years.
  • Photo 33mm x 45mm in JPEG format and size 240KB
  • Bank statements in the last 4 months, employment or business certificates.
  • Scan of permission to stay, study, or work abroad, if you have one
  • Scan of US visa, if applicable.
  • Apart from being in the form of a scank you also have to prepare the above documents in photocopies.

Online Application Submission

After filling out the visa application form, you will be taken to a special page that instructs you to follow the next steps. First of all is to click “Register to get a key” to create a new account. The account is used to submit applications, pay fees as well as check visa application status.

After successfully logging in, you must select a visitor visa if the purpose of visiting Canada is for holidays. You also have to enter the “Personal Reference Code” that has been provided previously, upload the form and also other supporting documents that have been prepared.