The 4 Best Student Accommodations in Vancouver, Canada

The 4 Best Student Accommodations in Vancouver, Canada

With its vibrant culture and the variety of opportunities it offers by, Vancouver is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Try to visit the best site for

For international students studying and living in Vancouver, there are a variety of housing options to consider, including:

  • Live on campus
  • Live off campus
  • Rent/share an apartment
  • homestay

In this guide, we walk you through the various student housing options in Vancouver, and tell you what you need to know about each of these options. Read on to find out more!

1. Living in Campus Area

If proximity to the university is your first priority, then we would suggest choosing accommodation located within the campus area. Regardless of which university you go to, most Canadian higher education institutions will provide several student-only dormitories or residences that you can book.

Please note, rooms and dormitories are usually separated based on your level of study. For example, there are dormitories specifically for senior students, there are also special dormitories for post-graduate students.

If you’re looking to apply to Canada’s fourth-best university, the University of Alberta, you have several options for housing based on your level of study. For example, postgraduate students can apply to live in the Graduate Residence which consists of four beautiful buildings in the East Campus neighborhood of North Campus.

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If you intend to enroll at the University of British Columbia, your best options are to Place Vanier (CAD 650 to 825 per month) or Totem Park (CAD 463 to 941) per month, both of which welcome freshmen at undergraduate level.

2. Living off campus

If you don’t want to share a bathroom or kitchen with a bunch of other students, then living off campus may be a better option.

To be sure, where you live will depend on the university you go to. Ideally, choose a place close enough, so you don’t spend most of your day on the road.

If you’re starting to look for a great place to live, don’t miss neighborhoods that are popular for students living off campus like Kitsilano and Point Grey.

First, Kitsilano is relatively close to downtown Downtown, and staying here makes it easier for you to visit Kits Beach. There are also many restaurants, bars and shopping in the vicinity.

Then there is Point Grey, which is squeezed by the beaches of the Bank of Spain and West 16th Avenue.

This is a very liveable luxury residential neighborhood, and is only a 5 to 10 minute bus ride from the University of British Columbia. If you are looking for housing off the Columbia campus, Point Gray is definitely a good choice.

To check your options, do a search on the property portal

3. Rent/Share an apartment

For IDP Friends who really want to live independently, consider renting an apartment or sharing an apartment with your friends. For information on available apartments in Vancouver, check the “NestPick” website and the “Vancouver BC” Craiglist.

If this is your first time renting a property, make sure you read what’s included in your rental agreement, and how much security the landlord may ask for.

Also, it would be best to check and see the apartment in person before committing to renting it. Meanwhile, while hunting for apartments you can stay in one of the hostels in Vancouver, then move out once you find the apartment of your dreams.

4. Homestay

Last but not least, you can always choose a homestay in Vancouver. Basically, you will be living with a host family who will welcome you to Vancouver and help you adjust to life in this city.

In general, the homestay option is not for everyone, not everyone is suitable for living this way… but if you have an adventurous spirit and adapt easily to different situations, then you might be very happy to choose to stay in a homestay.