Tips Backpacker Vacation to Canada

Tips for the Cheapest Backpacker-style Vacation to Canada

Vacationing to another country is certainly one of the dreams that everyone wants to realize, especially for people who do have a hobby or habit of traveling around because they really have a desire to enjoy the beauty that exists in other countries. One of the country’s favorite destinations for tourists is Canada. This country does not need to be doubted because it has a lot of tourist destinations which is a pity if you don’t visit it. In addition, Canada is also one of the countries that have the best facilities in the Americas. However, for those of you who don’t have a big enough budget to visit Canada, then you should pay attention to a few things which we will explain below. This is also the same when you want to take a vacation to a country on the European continent, namely by knowing how to get around Europe as a backpacker with a minimal budget.


The first way backpacker to Canada you have to prepare is a Visa from this site Of course if you want to go to certain countries then you will need a visa because otherwise you will be banned from doing so You need to know that we recommend that you use a schegen visa which will be very useful if you want to go to other countries, both in the Americas and also countries on the European continent.

The way you have to do to apply for a visa is to come directly to the Embassy of the country concerned, in this case, come to the Canadian Embassy to make a visa. However, based on the information we got, as of June 1, 2017, countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, or Luxembourg need you to take care of VFS which you can get by visiting Graha Pena Surabaya, located at Kuningan City Mall Jakarta. Meanwhile, the time required to apply for your visa can vary, depending on where you apply for the visa. However, if we look at it in general, the time needed to apply for a visa is approximately 2 weeks or maybe it could be faster depending on some conditions or policies of the place. What is also important is that most of the visa deadlines for those of you who choose to use a Schegen visa are 3 months or 90 days. If you have exceeded the deadline for using a visa, then you must renew your visa to enter that country.

Tips for the Cheapest Backpacker-style Vacation to Canada

Looking for Flights and Hotels

After getting a visa, the next thing you need in a backpacker to Canada is to prepare a plane ticket or hotel ticket. What you have to pay attention to is that you have to prepare a hotel room that fits your budget and needs or choose the most effective flight ticket for your vacation.

Means of transportation

The third way backpackers to Canada that you will pay attention to is about the means of transportation. We recommend that you always check the means of transportation that you will use to get to your destination via the Google Map application. The application will later tell you all about what vehicle tools you can use to get to your destination. We also suggest that later you choose and determine the means of transportation that best suits your needs and budget, one of which is by taking public transportation such as buses or also by taking the train. We recommend that for those of you who want to order train tickets, as much as possible you try to order them directly to the place. Don’t order it through an online application because for example, if you order a train ticket online, the price you will pay later will certainly be higher than if you come alone, unless the distance is too far and you don’t have time to go there.

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Learning Their Language

You need to know, that in Canada most people speak English. Even so, there are some English terms which of course will be different from what you learn when you are in a course or still in school. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you study their language a little or the terms commonly used there. This also applies when you visit cheap shopping places in Singapore. If you can do this, then it will be easier for you to interact with the people who are there and you will not be confused when you get information in a language that uses Canadian English terms.