Top Reasons You Should Visit Canada

Canada is often a place that tourists often miss when choosing a vacation spot, but those people are missing the trip of a lifetime! Canada is a big country with everything you could want to see and do on your vacation, be it adventure or thrill-seeking opportunities, or relaxing in charming countryside or even on magnificent beaches.

There are also many reasons why Muslims love traveling to Canada, namely, the availability of Muslim-friendly facilities and the feeling of being welcomed. Islam is the second largest religion in Canada, standing at 3.2% of the population, after Christianity. This means that there is no shortage of anything you need to meet your requirements without compromising your faith.

The following are reasons to visit Canada:

1. Has Stunning Views and Wild Nature

Canada is one of the best places to witness the beauty of nature and have fun enjoying Allah’s creation. With views of the snow-capped mountains, trails, and rocky shores that surround the city, it’s so much a nature lover’s dream come true and there’s no shortage of anything to do or see in Canada.

You can enjoy incredible mountain views while playing online slots at gambling site Surga Slot against the backdrop of the city of Banff, or relax on the stunning beaches of British Columbia. And don’t forget Ontario’s famous Niagara Falls, something you definitely can’t miss on a Halal trip to Canada. And you can even see the famous natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights right from the backyard of a house in Albert.

Canada is also home to some of the most extraordinary wildlife in the world. The vast and extensive environment of these animals which remains unaffected by humans gives these animals the opportunity to thrive in their natural habitat. You can see grizzly bears on Great Bear Nature Tours in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, snorkel with beluga whales in Churchill, see walruses at Community of Hall Beach in the Arctic and much more.

2. There is a Galore Festival

Not only are there stunning natural landscapes, wilderness excursions and amazing shopping in Canada, there are also many great festivals that take place across the country throughout the year. Taking part in these celebrations gives you the opportunity to mingle with the locals and learn a little more about the culture and traditions of this charming country.

From comedy and art to food, children’s festivals and fairs, there’s something going on somewhere to suit your personal interests. Some of the most notable events that will take place in Canada include the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa, the Festival of Lights in Vancouver, the Quebec Winter Carnival in Quebec, and many more. Check out local listings in specific cities you plan to visit to see what festivals are going on during the time of your visit.

3. Full of Culture and Heritage

History or culture isn’t what tourists think when they think Canada, but the country has a rich, deep heritage that you can explore on your travels. The amazing part about every city in Canada is that they are all different and offer very different opportunities for exploration, activities, adventures and more. In today’s world of artificially created attractions that can take away the authenticity of the experience one can get, this is truly a breath of fresh air.

Explore the charm of French-speaking Quebec, which looks like a quaint town in the French countryside, or head to Toronto to live it among the city dwellers. You can also experience Canadian history by visiting ancient Canadian attractions that have been designated National Historic Sites such as Fort York and Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada’s National Vimy Memorial in Vimy, Canada, Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and other.

4. Maple Syrup

Ask a random person anywhere in the world what Canada is most famous for and chances are, they will tell you its maple syrup! This popular sweet spice is made from the xylem sap of various types of maple trees. Canada is the world’s largest producer and exporter of maple syrup (most of which is concentrated in Quebec), which should come as no surprise to anyone.

There’s no doubt that Canadians love maple syrup, I mean, maple leaves are even on their national flag! Wherever you go, you should be able to find maple syrup goodies and treats, from cookies and cakes to maple-processed meats, and more. Be sure to try them all, and maybe even stock up on a few to bring back as souvenirs.

5. Friendly Locals

Canadian hospitality and friendliness is often a popular theme in pop culture and TV shows, but the best part is that this theory is actually rooted in reality! Canadians are some of the friendliest people in the world, and who better represents this than their prime minister Justin Trudeau, who not only allowed refugees into the country but greeted them at the airport saying ‘You are home’.

Canada not only has an amazing infrastructure, it is also one of the safest countries to travel with with a relatively low crime rate. As a Muslim traveller, you need not feel out of place due to the significant Muslim population that lives here as well. You can allow yourself to be totally yourself on your Halal vacation in Canada.

6. Amazing Halal Food

With a large Muslim population spread across the country, there is no doubt that you will be able to find amazing Halal food across the country. Of course, there will be more choices in cities with a dense Muslim population like Ontario, but you should have some choices wherever you go.

You can find a variety of cuisines from local to Middle Eastern, Asian and more at food trucks to fine dining in Canada. Be sure to try the unique dish ‘Poutine’, which is even considered to be Canada’s National dish, though not officially.

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Hotel Hebat Di Kanada Yang Layak Di Kunjungi

Hotel Hebat Di Kanada Yang Layak Di Kunjungi

Beberapa hotel hanya menyediakan tempat untuk meletakkan kepala Anda, sementara yang lain adalah tujuan tersendiri. 10 hotel Kanada ini termasuk dalam kategori terakhir. Meskipun demikian, ini adalah properti yang layak dikunjungi karena beberapa hotel menyediakan fasilitas bermain slot seperti ion club, baik karena sejarahnya, signifikansi budayanya, atau fasilitasnya yang terbaik.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta

“Castle in the Rockies” Kanada membuka pintunya untuk umum 129 tahun yang lalu, dan sejak itu, hotel megah ini telah menampung semua orang mulai dari Marilyn Monroe hingga Raja Edward VIII. Dirancang untuk menjadi, dalam kata-kata mantan Direktur Kereta Api Pasifik Kanada William Van Horne, “surga yang damai di tengah tanah tandus,” banyak kabin menawarkan pemandangan Bow Valley yang luas dan menakjubkan, dan fasilitas yang nyaman termasuk serangkaian spa. Pemandian yang ditenagai oleh mata air panas Banff yang legendaris.

Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg

Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg

Ditunjuk sebagai Daftar Tempat Bersejarah Nasional pada tahun 1981, hotel Kanada bergaya François I ini berbagi banyak sentuhan arsitektur dengan The Plaza di New York. Dibangun pada tahun 1913, Fort Garry Hotel sekarang menjadi rumah bagi Sepuluh Spa terbaik di negara ini, menampilkan perawatan spa tradisional dan satu-satunya hammam campuran di Kanada. Fakta Menarik: Hotel ini terletak di situs pos perdagangan Teluk Hudson abad ke-19 bernama Fort Garry.

Resor Algonquin, St Andrews di tepi Laut, New Brunswick

Resor Algonquin, St Andrews di tepi Laut, New Brunswick

Resor Kebangkitan Tudor yang baru saja direnovasi ini menampilkan eksterior setengah kayu dan sejarah bertingkat. Itu unggul di akhir abad ke-19 dengan keluarga terkaya Amerika bepergian di New York dan Boston mencari perlindungan dari panasnya musim panas. Hampir setiap perdana menteri dan selebritas Kanada menghabiskan setidaknya satu malam di sini, dari Theodore Roosevelt hingga Pangeran Charles dan Putri Diana.

Fairmont Chateau Danau Louise, Danau Louise, Alberta

Fairmont Chateau Danau Louise, Danau Louise, Alberta

Beberapa hotel memiliki lokasi yang spektakuler seperti Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Terletak di jantung Situs Warisan Dunia UNESCO, hotel bersejarah Kanada berusia 127 tahun ini terletak di tengah hutan belantara Pegunungan Rocky. Turun ke gudang perahu dan jelajahi perairan aquamarine Danau Louise yang berkilauan di atas kano Voyageur berikat kulit pohon birch setinggi 26 kaki. Kemudian nikmati teh di Rumah Teh Danau Agnes di dekatnya. Raih imbalan lezat di ujung jalur sepanjang 2,2 mil (3,6 kilometer) tempat Anda dapat mendaki atau menunggang kuda di istal hotel.

The James Hotel, Saskatoon

The James Hotel, Saskatoon

Terletak di tepi Sungai Saskatchewan Selatan, hotel butik independen Kanada ini merupakan peninggalan imigran Rusia James Peter Leie, yang menyambut tamu pertamanya pada tahun 1935. Dari kamar mandi marmer Carrera dengan bak berendam dan perlengkapan mandi L’Occitane hingga tata graha dua kali sehari. Jika Anda merasa segar kembali, pilih penthouse luas yang memiliki dua balkon seluas 1.600 kaki persegi, perapian, solarium, dan dapur lengkap.

Fogo Island Inn, Joe Bat Arm, Newfoundland

Fogo Island Inn, Joe Bat Arm, Newfoundland

Tidak ada yang seperti Fogo Island Inn di Kanada, atau di mana pun di dunia dalam hal ini. Gagasan pengusaha teknologi lokal Zita Cobb, Hotel Kanada mendapat pujian dari para pecinta desain dan pelancong ketika memulai debutnya pada tahun 2013. Dibangun di atas granit Newfoundland yang luas, penginapan ini mencakup lokasinya yang terpencil, menggabungkan furnitur, permadani, selimut, dan barang-barang lainnya yang dibuat dengan gaya lokal oleh pengrajin lokal. Pada siang hari, dapatkan bahan-bahan segar atau pelajari cara membuat perahu. Bermalamlah, nikmati makan malam adiboga, lalu amati gunung es melalui jendela setinggi langit-langit.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Quebec

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Quebec

Bertengger tinggi di tanjung yang menghadap ke Sungai St. Lawrence, Chateau Frontenac adalah ikon Kanada sejati. Faktanya, berkat lokasinya yang dramatis dan donjon serta menaranya yang seperti dongeng, beberapa orang menyarankannya untuk menjadi hotel yang paling banyak difoto di dunia. Konferensi Quebec, pertemuan puncak para pemimpin dunia sekutu, diadakan di aula keramat Situs Sejarah Nasional ini, dan fasadnya yang terkenal ditampilkan di perangko Canada Post.

Ritz Carlton,Toronto

Ritz Carlton,Toronto

Dapat dikatakan sebagai hotel termewah di Toronto (dan satu-satunya hotel yang menikmati peringkat CAA Five Diamond), Ritz-Carlton Toronto dirancang untuk mencerminkan yang terbaik dari kota tuan rumah. Dibangun dari kubus kaca raksasa, jendela hotel dari lantai ke langit-langit menawarkan pemandangan Menara CN, Danau Ontario, dan landmark Toronto lainnya yang luar biasa, sedangkan spa di tempat menawarkan pijat ahli dari seluruh dunia untuk memamerkan warisan multikultural Toronto. alam. Punya waktu untuk menjelajahi Big Smoke? Ambil jamur segar di Lembah Don atau ikuti salah satu wisata kuliner kota pilihan hotel untuk menikmati piknik makan siang di Kepulauan Toronto.

Permaisuri Fairmont, Victoria

Permaisuri Fairmont, Victoria

Mungkin hotel paling “Inggris” di luar Inggris, mahakarya Edwardian ini menjulang di Inner Harbour Victoria. Kereta Api Pasifik Kanada membuka Permaisuri pada tahun 1908 untuk mengakomodasi tamu kaya kapal uap dan telah menyambut generasi bangsawan sejak saat itu. Tentu saja, acara minum teh sore setiap hari yang disajikan dengan scone dan roti lapis jari kelingking adalah tradisi yang dihormati waktu. Ini adalah daya tarik yang berharga, jadi pesan beberapa minggu sebelumnya untuk menghindari kekecewaan.

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Fairmont Lingkar Pasifik, Vancouver

Fairmont Lingkar Pasifik, Vancouver

Ingin kamar dengan pemandangan? Anda tidak akan salah di Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver, di mana 70% kamar dan suite menghadap ke pemandangan pelabuhan dan pegunungan kota yang terkenal. Untuk pengalaman yang benar-benar dekaden, mintalah suite tempat Anda dapat menyaksikan pesawat amfibi lepas landas dan mendarat dari kenyamanan bak mandi (tentu saja diisi dengan bak mandi busa). Jika Anda membutuhkan lebih banyak ruang untuk bermain air, berenanglah di kolam renang hotel yang mewah, di teras berpagar pohon palem yang cantik (ya, di Kanada!), lengkap dengan cabana pribadi dan lubang api.

Backpacking Guide to Canada Homestay

Backpacking Guide to Canada Homestay

A backpacker marvels at the view of Lake Moraine in Alberta, Canada.

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and has a lot to offer tourists. Due to its large size, trips here can sometimes be expensive. One of the best ways to avoid high costs and to really get to know a country and its culture is by backpacking. Here are a selection of itineraries (depending on the time spent in the country) with tips on where to go, what to see, and how to get there.

2 months – Halifax – Quebec City – Montreal – Toronto – Calgary – Banff – Vancouver

Peggy’s Cove, the famous lighthouse just a short drive from Halifax.

With 2 months in Canada, backpackers have enough time to check out and spend time in a number of places.

week 1

Start this journey by flying to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Atlantic coast. The first stop here is to Historic Properties Wharff. The buildings here date back to the 19th century, and once served as investor headquarters and shipping warehouses. They are now home to a more number of shops, galleries, restaurants and boutiques.

On Day 2, the trip to the Memory Lane Heritage Museum on Lake Charlotte was over. Located about 1 hour outside of downtown Halifax, visitors can see the typical 1940s coastal country lifestyle and even dig for shells on the beach. After returning to Halifax, tourists can practice throwing axes at the Timber Lounge.

Days 3 & 4 should be spent exploring the 100 Wild Islands, an archipelago located off the coast. Visitors can spend their time exploring, hiking, snorkeling or swimming.

Over the last few days in Halifax the top attractions include: Peggy’s Cove (home to the world’s most photographed lighthouse), Fort National Historic Site, St. Paul, and Halifax Public Park.

week 2

After 1 week in Halifax, renting a car and heading to Quebec City was the next best stop. The trip takes a full day (nearly 10 hours) and is full of beautiful views. About half way through, Fredericton makes a great place to stop for lunch.

The first few days in Quebec City are a great opportunity to visit the Upper and Lower Towns in the oldest part of the city. Some of the best attractions for the first day include Place-Royale, Canada’s first European colony, the Chateau Frontenac, a historic hotel and the Marché du Vieux Port, a year-round agricultural market. On the second day, visitors should visit: La Citadelle, with a changing of the guard ceremony at 10am during the summer; Notre Dame Basilica, first built in 1647; and the Quebec Experience, a 3D re-creation of the settler lifestyle.

The last part of the week should be spent seeing what the rest of the city has to offer. These include the Champs de Bataille Park, Quebec’s National Museum of Fine Arts, the Grande-Allee, which is lined with restaurants and bars, the Morrin Centre, home to 25,000 Victorian library books and day trips along King’s Road.

week 3

week 3
Next, about 3 hours drive to Montreal. Visitors can get a sense of the city’s layout from Mont-Royal, home to the Belvedere Observatory, which offers views of the city center from Playtech office and the surrounding mountains. On days 2 and 3, backpackers should take time to tour the city, visiting the following sites: Place d’Armes, home to the oldest building in the city, Mile End, a street full of boutiques for unique shopping, and Place des Arts, which offers ballet, opera, theater and symphonies.

On day 4, a trip out of town is a good idea. Tourists can rent a bike and head to the P’tit Train du Nord cycle path that winds its way through the countryside, passing several villages, including Val-David, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts and Ste-Adele.

Over the past few days, Space for Life on the east side of Montreal made a great visit. The area is home to 4 of the city’s best natural museums: the Montreal Botanical Gardens, the Montreal Insectarium, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and the Montreal Biodome.

week 4

The next place on the itinerary is Toronto, which is about a 6 hour drive from Montreal. After taking a break from the trip, some of the must-visit tourist attractions in this city include St. Lawrence Market located in the historic Old Town; Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum; Casa Loma, a 98-room castle overlooking the city; and the CN Tower, which features an iconic 1,815-foot-tall skyline.

Visitors can also spend a full day doing any of the following: take the ferry to the Toronto Islands, relax at the Scandinave Spa, visit Niagara Falls.

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Airbnb Paling Keren Di Kanada Yang Harus Anda Kunjungi

Airbnb Paling Keren Di Kanada Yang Harus Anda Kunjungi

Mencari tempat yang keren untuk tinggal di Kanada? Di seluruh negeri, ada banyak sekali persewaan liburan luar biasa yang begitu istimewa, layak untuk dikunjungi. Kami telah mengumpulkan list dari link slot hacker tentang tempat persewaan liburan paling keren di Kanada yang menjanjikan perjalanan tak terlupakan dan santai setiap saat sepanjang tahun!

Jika Anda mencari tempat untuk menginap di liburan Anda berikutnya, atau hanya ingin memesan liburan akhir pekan spontan, Anda perlu melihat tempat menginap unik ini di Kanada.

Berikut Airbnb Paling Keren Di Kanada Yang Harus Anda Kunjungi.

Cottage Deluxe Romantic Couples Dengan Pemandangan Laut, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Nikmati liburan romantis pasangan di rumah mewah yang terletak hanya beberapa langkah dari pantai di Halfmoon Bay yang indah, hanya 12 menit berkendara dari kota Sechelt yang lucu. Dirancang dan didekorasi dengan suasana pantai, rumah ini menunggu Anda untuk bersantai di banyak dek dan terasnya, menikmati pemandangan laut dan matahari terbenam yang indah.

Rumah Pantai Sechelt Mewah Desainer, Sechelt, BC

Terselip di tebing dengan pohon-pohon Arbutus pantai SM tua yang menakjubkan di ujung komunitas pantai kuno. Benar-benar pribadi, matahari penuh dengan pemandangan menghadap ke selatan ke Pulau Vancouver. Saksikan singa laut, berang-berang, burung bangau dari tangga depan Anda.

Pada malam musim panas – duduk di bawah bintang-bintang di sekitar luar kami dan berbagi waktu di sekitar mangkuk api dan mendengarkan putaran lembut ombak di pantai. Pada malam musim dingin yang dingin, duduklah di dekat perapian dalam ruangan kami yang luas dan dengarkan deburan ombak di bebatuan.

Studio Modern Dengan Pemandangan Laut, Sunshine Coast, BC

Proyek Pointhouse terbaru adalah Studio ISO, kotak kaca berisi cahaya lainnya di hutan. Dinding kaca dari lantai ke langit-langit memberikan hubungan intim dengan alam sekitarnya. Ditujukan sebagai ruang fleksibel untuk berolahraga, seni, pijat, atau yoga, juga dapat menyediakan akomodasi tamu tambahan. Sebuah hot tub outdoor pribadi memungkinkan Anda berendam dalam pemandangan laut.

Studio Modern Dengan Pemandangan Laut, Sunshine Coast, BC

Clear Lake Cabin, Wasagaming, Manitoba

Kabin baru dengan 2 kamar tidur, AC, hot tub pribadi, dek besar dengan FirePit dan BBQ. Kabin ini dilengkapi dengan semua peralatan masak dan peralatan dan tidur 5 dengan nyaman. Terletak 1 km sebelah selatan dari gerbang gunung Riding. Berjalan kaki ke kota Wasagaming yang menawarkan belanja, restoran, pantai, dan banyak lagi atraksi keluarga.

Kabin A-Frame Yang Nyaman Dekat Dengan Danau Sylvan, Alberta, Red Deer County

Kabin yang baru direnovasi ini berjarak setengah blok dari pantai Danau Sylvan yang indah, taman anak-anak, restoran, dan pub. Bermain skating di danau hanya satu blok jauhnya, di dekat tampilan lampu Natal yang menakjubkan dan lubang api terbuka di pantai. Nikmati firepit, dek depan, dan kano Anda jika Anda mau.

Kabin A-Frame Yang Nyaman Dekat Dengan Danau Sylvan, Alberta, Red Deer County

Pondok Gunung Rocky, Nordegg, Alberta

Pondok nyaman terpencil di atas tanah seluas 4+ acre yang didukung langsung ke bermil-mil Crown Land. Dengan langit-langit berkubah setinggi 27 kaki, pondok berperalatan lengkap ini menyediakan semua fasilitas dan kenyamanan yang Anda inginkan. Nikmati meringkuk di depan perapian luar ruangan atau ikut serta dalam banyak kegiatan yang ditawarkan kawasan pegunungan ini. Memancing dan berperahu hanya berjarak beberapa menit.

Pengaturan Kabin Yang Spektakuler Di Hutan, Alberta

Kabin 2 kamar tidur yang nyaman di hutan ini adalah tempat peristirahatan akhir pekan yang romantis dan sempurna. Kabin adalah oase pribadi Anda untuk beristirahat dan bersantai di alam sekitar kolam renang pribadi. Selama bulan-bulan musim dingin, tersedia perlengkapan hoki, kereta luncur, dan sepatu salju.

Bears Den 10 Cabin, Wasagaming, Manitoba

Peristirahatan danau dan taman yang menakjubkan dan modern , hanya 1 km di selatan Taman Nasional Riding Mountain. Nikmati teras besar dengan peralatan makan dan BBQ, api unggun, atau berendam di hot tub pribadi di halaman terpencil. Akses mudah ke jalur hiking/sepeda. Atraksi daerah lainnya termasuk lapangan golf, pantai Wasagaming, toko-toko kuno, Elkhorn Spa serta restoran dan toko roti segar lokal.

5 Most Romantic Places in Canada, Must-Visit with Your Partner!

5 Most Romantic Places in Canada, Must-Visit with Your Partner!

Canada is not only famous for its stunning natural beauty. Not inferior to France or Italy, this country also has many romantic places that can be ideal places to visit with your partner.

This place can be an old town that maintains its classic, stunning natural beauty, to spectacular beach views and more explanations that you can find on link slot hacker article bellow.

Here are 5 Most Romantic Places in Canada, Must-Visit with Your Partner:


Tofino is a coastal city located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Colombia. Visitors will be pampered with a soothing panorama. Activities that can be done with a partner include picnicking, surfing, hiking, and watching whales.

They can also feel the cool breeze that comes through the Pacific Ocean during the summer. Many couples do romantic pre-wedding photoshoots here, you know.


Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is located in New Brunswick. This place offers a stunning natural panorama and keeps visitors away from the crowds and noise.

Visitors can cycle in the morning on the trails along the beach. Not only that, visitors can also watch stunning whales in the afternoon.

One of the attractions that attracts many visitors is the Hopewell Rocks which can be seen very clearly at low tide.


Banff is located in the middle of the rocky mountains of Alberta. This area presents natural beauty that is like a piece of heaven. Couples who love nature will happily explore it.

There are many places that can be visited, ranging from romantic hot springs, charming hiking trails, spectacular mountain views, and clear lakes. Visiting Banff will be a new romantic experience with your partner.

Quebec City

Quebec City is famous as a romantic destination because of the charm of its old city which is like being in Europe. The city has been registered as a UNESCO world heritage site.

You and your partner can go for an afternoon stroll by the St. River. Lawrence, relax in the quaint cafes, or explore the different corners of the city. You and him can also ride a horse carriage to enjoy the beauty of the city, you know.


Stratford is an ideal location for a nature lover couple who are also theater buffs. The region is home to the largest classical theater performances in North America and is world famous known as the Stratford Festival.

Stratford’s majestic music and artistic culture can make any city holiday romantic and exciting. In addition, this location also offers a large selection of spas, dining venues, galleries, and museums.

The five romantic places above can be the perfect tourist destinations for you to enjoy with your partner, while on vacation in Canada. Do you have any plans to go to any of the above destinations?

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Preparations Before Going to Canada

Preparations Before Going to Canada

After the visa is ready, make sure we prepare for a ‘new life’ on the continent (next to) the pole *ecieee…


Different provinces daftar cq9 slot, most likely different housing policies. Well, in Québec, students who will bring their families later, must consider carefully in choosing a place to live.

Before the family arrives, one great option is in the dormitories provided by the Ulaval campus. Complete information can be found here .
The residence contract must also be considered. In this dormitory, the contract adjusts the session/semester on campus.

What makes it a bit difficult is that the sessions on campus usually end not when the apartment contract starts. Eww.. my language is complicated. 😅
So you see, the dormitory contract could end in April. But off-campus apartment contracts usually start on July 1st. So, it’s usually a bit more difficult to find your dream apartment😬

Even if you live outside the residence, usually the room contract must be 1 year from the first day we stay. So, for example, if we arrive in early September, the contract will expire at the end of August next year.

Thank God at that time my husband was able to get an apartment that he could use without waiting for July 1st. Incidentally, when the sis who is renting it will move to her boyfriend’s house 😂😂



Before leaving, it’s a good idea to prepare a few Canadian dollars in cash. Why? To prepare if the scholarship money has not come down, while the need for the first month is usually quite large. How much do you need to prepare?

1 – Boarding/dormitory fees: in addition to the cost of the first month’s boarding house, also prepare a security deposit which is usually 1 month’s fee.
2 – Daily needs (eating, etc.): depending on eating habits. I mean, cook for yourself or have a snack 😬. About 200-300 God willing, enough.
3 – Buying cooking utensils, etc.

For example, the cost is around C$400, then multiply by two. Plus daily necessities, etc. around 400. So at least prepare C$1200.

Culture Shock

The news about Canada is quite interesting. But the condition can be different for each person. It’s a good idea to start finding out the conditions in the city that you will live in. How about university policies, insurance, public transportation rates, various permits, etc. This is to avoid expectations that are too high, then experience culture shock 😂


Before packing , don’t forget to read what cannot/can be brought to Canada. Some tips from my experience can be read here .

View in Canada


1 – Top up a minimum of 200K, for urgent needs if you don’t find free internet access in the destination city (be aware, due to international roaming, the cost of calling/receiving can reach 12K/minute and SMS 9K/sms)
2 – Prepare Canadian dollars in small denominations (eg $ 20), if there is a need for example buying food.
3 – If you have one, you can take a few USD with you – if you have to buy something during transit in another country.

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Rows of Reasons Canada Must Be a Tourist Vacation Destination

Rows of Reasons Canada Must Be a Tourist Vacation Destination

Canada is the northernmost country in North America. Canada is indeed a beautiful country and well worth exploring. This, also apparently made Prince Harry and Meghan Markle choose to make Canada their home after stepping down from the British maxbet monarchy.

There are several reasons why Canada is very suitable as a holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. Apart from the preservation of nature and the friendliness of the local residents.

1. The Country That Gives Birth To Many Famous Stars

Call it Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Drake, and Pamela Anderson are a handful of Hollywood celebrities who were born and raised in Canada. In addition, world-famous comedians were also born in Canada, such as Jim Carrey, Seth Rogen, and Mike Myers.

Canada also hosts the comedy festival Just For Laughs, which is held in Montreal every year.

2. A Country With Many National Parks

Canada has 46 national parks, so nature and marine tourism are endless. One of the famous national parks, Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, because there are found fossils of ancient animals that lived 75 million years ago.

3. Country With Many Lakes

In addition to its many national parks, Canada has many lakes. There are 3 million lakes recorded there, making Canada one of the countries that contribute to clean water in the world.

4. Countries With Clean Air

4. Countries With Clean Air
In addition to clean water, Canada also has clean air quality. So, it is not wrong for the United Nations to list Canada as the third best country with the cleanest air in the world.

5. Countries With High Happiness Levels

In the 2019 United Nations Happiness Ranking List, Canada is in ninth position, behind New Zealand and above Australia. A big country like the United States is actually in the 19th position.

6. Countries With Most Polite People

A poll from Queen’s University entitled “Sorry… I’m Canadian” found that nearly 90 percent of Canadians aged 18-25 will apologize immediately when they bump into someone on the street.

This apology culture has been ingrained since childhood. They expect their children to grow up to be compassionate and forgiving individuals.

7. Favorite country where Hollywood film shoots

‘Titanic’ is one of the films that was filmed in Canada, precisely on the coast of Halifax. Meghan Markle herself spent time in Vancouver to shoot the series ‘Suits’ which has catapulted her name.

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Cheap Hotels In Canada

Cheap Hotels In Canada

Sometimes, the limited cost of a vacation at daftar spadegaming slot site doesn’t stop someone from traveling. Instead, you have to work extra hard to find tourist attractions, places to eat, to cheap hotels to be enough with the existing budget. For those of you who are planning to backpack to Canada, choosing lodging in Quebec city can be an option.

Quebec Attraction

Quebec Attraction

There are many reasons why Quebec is a must-visit city while in Canada. The city, which was once the location for the Korean drama Goblin, is known to be safe for tourists who are traveling solo.

On the other hand, Quebec is also known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world during winter. So, if you can stand the cold, visiting Quebec between January and February is a great choice. The reason is, that month the Quebec Winter Festival takes place—the most popular winter celebration in Quebec that lasts for weeks.

Another attraction of Quebec is its Old Town area. Entering the gates of Old Quebec City, you will be stunned by the beauty of the surrounding buildings that resemble the old French city in the 17th century era. Located right in the heart of Quebec’s Old Town, stands a classic fairy tale-style building known throughout the world, namely the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac.

Cheap Hotels in Quebec Near Quartier Petit Champlain

Besides being friendly for solo travelers, Quebec is also a friendly city for backpackers. The proof, finding a cheap hotel in this city is not difficult. If you need a recommendation, here are 5 affordable hotels located near the Quartier Petit Champlain.

For your information, Quartier Petit Champlain is known as the oldest shopping district in Canada. Along the road, you will find rows of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants that are bustling with visitors. The surrounding atmosphere also looks interesting, especially when winter arrives. At that time, Quartier Petit Champlain’s appearance looked similar to Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter films.

Auberge Internationale de Quebec

Auberge Internationale de Quebec

Location: 19 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Québec, QC G1R 4E1, Canada

The first budget hotel recommendation is the Auberge Internationale de Quebec, which is located about an 11-minute walk from the Quartier Petit Champlain. This inn provides dormitories for men and women with a capacity of 4 people. The stay rate is quite cheap, which is around IDR 500,000*. If you want to get a more private room, you can pay Rp1,136,000* for 1 double bed room with shared bathroom.

Auberge St-Louis

Compared to the previous hotel, Auberge St-Louis is closer to the Quartier Petit Champlain, which is about 9 minutes on foot. This inn provides a double bed room with a separate bathroom which is priced around RP1,176,900* per night. The fee includes room services such as cable TV, heating, work desk, and free wifi.

Auberge Maeva

Auberge Maeva

Location: 671 Rue Saint-François E, Québec, QC G1K 2Z8, Canada

The location of Auberge Maeva from Quartier Petit Champlain is indeed further, which is about 2 km or 27 minutes on foot. However, the room rental price offered is quite pocket-friendly. A night’s stay here only costs around IDR 301,000* for a dorm that accommodates 12 people or IDR 342,000* if you want to stay in a dorm of 6-8 people.

B&B Saint Louis

Departing from Quartier Petit Champlain, it will take you about 11 minutes on foot to arrive at B&B Saint Louis. This inn offers a stay rate of around Rp. 1,368,600* per night. The facilities you will get are a comfortable bed, a shared bathroom complete with a hairdryer, TV, fan, free wifi, and heating.

La Maison Demers

La Maison Demers

Location: 68 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Québec, QC G1R 4E6, Canada

La Maison Demers offers a stay rate of IDR 1,368,600* per night. With this price, you will get a double bed room complete with overnight facilities such as a shared bathroom, TV, fan, tea/coffee maker, wifi, and free breakfast. From Quartier Petit Champlain, La Maison Demers is an 11-minute walk away.

How to Find Accommodations in Canada

How to Find Accommodations in Canada

After you receive a letter from the university, then you must find out about accommodation in Canada.

The first thing you have to do is decide whether you want to live in a dormitory on campus or off campus or live with a host family you can read more of this at blog.

On-Campus Accommodation

Living in student dormitories has many advantages. You have the opportunity to connect and engage with fellow internationals. Most of the dormitories are located on campus, which means you have easy access to social events, dining rooms, faculty canteens, study buildings and campus facilities such as gyms, sports fields and more.

Usually in a dormitory has a ‘Don’, he is someone who is there to support your every activity and make sure you stay safe. The type of occupancy within each campus is different, but the most common room types are dormitories, apartments and suites. The school aims to accommodate the diverse needs of students.

Note: When submitting a residence application, you get the opportunity to choose the preferences you want. However, there is no guarantee that you will be given the first choice.

Accommodation Type

Residence / Dormitory

How to Find Accommodations in Canada

Dormitories are the most common type of residence in Canadian universities and colleges. Students can be placed in a one-bedroom dormitory with only one bed or a double-dorm with two beds. Usually the room is equipped with a bed, mattress, table, chair, lamp and wardrobe. Students will share facilities with other students such as kitchen, bathroom and lounge.


Apartments are an option with an independent lifestyle but have social benefits similar to living in a dormitory. Students can live together with other students, a maximum of 5 people. May have their own bedroom or share a bedroom. With the facilitation of a kitchen, small room, and living room. Similar to dormitories, students will also get the same equipment, except for a refrigerator and microwave.

Cost: Housing costs vary depending on the school and type, but to give you a price range, you can pay between $3,000 to $7,500 for each academic year, depending on the number of rooms and the number of students renting with you.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Many students choose to live off campus especially after the first year. For international students, it’s a great way to meet people.

Renting out means taking over another student’s rent which is most likely because they are away during the months. In most cases, the room is fully furnished (which is a plus) and is equipped with utilities (internet, electricity, etc.).

Rental systems vary widely, some have rentals for a few months to a whole year. You definitely want to find a place to live that is tailored to the length of your stay, you can search on the school website, Google, Kijiji, or it can be through the school’s Facebook group.

Living with a host family will really help you in the introduction and adaptation of local culture. If you choose to live with a host family, it will help your transition significantly. Because they can help you practice communication skills.

Typically, students prefer to rent a house, condo or apartment, along with two to four other students. Rental fees can range from $500 to $1000+ per student, with or without utility fees. Of course it depends on where you want to live and whether you have plans to live with your roommate or not.

Big cities like Toronto and Vancouver will be much more expensive than smaller cities like Waterloo and London. There are many things to consider when choosing to rent, and beware of scams on certain websites, never send money before viewing the unit or meeting the rental owner.

The 4 Best Student Accommodations in Vancouver, Canada

The 4 Best Student Accommodations in Vancouver, Canada

With its vibrant culture and the variety of opportunities it offers by, Vancouver is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Try to visit the best site for

For international students studying and living in Vancouver, there are a variety of housing options to consider, including:

  • Live on campus
  • Live off campus
  • Rent/share an apartment
  • homestay

In this guide, we walk you through the various student housing options in Vancouver, and tell you what you need to know about each of these options. Read on to find out more!

1. Living in Campus Area

If proximity to the university is your first priority, then we would suggest choosing accommodation located within the campus area. Regardless of which university you go to, most Canadian higher education institutions will provide several student-only dormitories or residences that you can book.

Please note, rooms and dormitories are usually separated based on your level of study. For example, there are dormitories specifically for senior students, there are also special dormitories for post-graduate students.

If you’re looking to apply to Canada’s fourth-best university, the University of Alberta, you have several options for housing based on your level of study. For example, postgraduate students can apply to live in the Graduate Residence which consists of four beautiful buildings in the East Campus neighborhood of North Campus.

staying in canada school campus

If you intend to enroll at the University of British Columbia, your best options are to Place Vanier (CAD 650 to 825 per month) or Totem Park (CAD 463 to 941) per month, both of which welcome freshmen at undergraduate level.

2. Living off campus

If you don’t want to share a bathroom or kitchen with a bunch of other students, then living off campus may be a better option.

To be sure, where you live will depend on the university you go to. Ideally, choose a place close enough, so you don’t spend most of your day on the road.

If you’re starting to look for a great place to live, don’t miss neighborhoods that are popular for students living off campus like Kitsilano and Point Grey.

First, Kitsilano is relatively close to downtown Downtown, and staying here makes it easier for you to visit Kits Beach. There are also many restaurants, bars and shopping in the vicinity.

Then there is Point Grey, which is squeezed by the beaches of the Bank of Spain and West 16th Avenue.

This is a very liveable luxury residential neighborhood, and is only a 5 to 10 minute bus ride from the University of British Columbia. If you are looking for housing off the Columbia campus, Point Gray is definitely a good choice.

To check your options, do a search on the property portal

3. Rent/Share an apartment

For IDP Friends who really want to live independently, consider renting an apartment or sharing an apartment with your friends. For information on available apartments in Vancouver, check the “NestPick” website and the “Vancouver BC” Craiglist.

If this is your first time renting a property, make sure you read what’s included in your rental agreement, and how much security the landlord may ask for.

Also, it would be best to check and see the apartment in person before committing to renting it. Meanwhile, while hunting for apartments you can stay in one of the hostels in Vancouver, then move out once you find the apartment of your dreams.

4. Homestay

Last but not least, you can always choose a homestay in Vancouver. Basically, you will be living with a host family who will welcome you to Vancouver and help you adjust to life in this city.

In general, the homestay option is not for everyone, not everyone is suitable for living this way… but if you have an adventurous spirit and adapt easily to different situations, then you might be very happy to choose to stay in a homestay.