Preparations Before Going to Canada

Preparations Before Going to Canada

After the visa is ready, make sure we prepare for a ‘new life’ on the continent (next to) the pole *ecieee…


Different provinces daftar cq9 slot, most likely different housing policies. Well, in Québec, students who will bring their families later, must consider carefully in choosing a place to live.

Before the family arrives, one great option is in the dormitories provided by the Ulaval campus. Complete information can be found here .
The residence contract must also be considered. In this dormitory, the contract adjusts the session/semester on campus.

What makes it a bit difficult is that the sessions on campus usually end not when the apartment contract starts. Eww.. my language is complicated. 😅
So you see, the dormitory contract could end in April. But off-campus apartment contracts usually start on July 1st. So, it’s usually a bit more difficult to find your dream apartment😬

Even if you live outside the residence, usually the room contract must be 1 year from the first day we stay. So, for example, if we arrive in early September, the contract will expire at the end of August next year.

Thank God at that time my husband was able to get an apartment that he could use without waiting for July 1st. Incidentally, when the sis who is renting it will move to her boyfriend’s house 😂😂



Before leaving, it’s a good idea to prepare a few Canadian dollars in cash. Why? To prepare if the scholarship money has not come down, while the need for the first month is usually quite large. How much do you need to prepare?

1 – Boarding/dormitory fees: in addition to the cost of the first month’s boarding house, also prepare a security deposit which is usually 1 month’s fee.
2 – Daily needs (eating, etc.): depending on eating habits. I mean, cook for yourself or have a snack 😬. About 200-300 God willing, enough.
3 – Buying cooking utensils, etc.

For example, the cost is around C$400, then multiply by two. Plus daily necessities, etc. around 400. So at least prepare C$1200.

Culture Shock

The news about Canada is quite interesting. But the condition can be different for each person. It’s a good idea to start finding out the conditions in the city that you will live in. How about university policies, insurance, public transportation rates, various permits, etc. This is to avoid expectations that are too high, then experience culture shock 😂


Before packing , don’t forget to read what cannot/can be brought to Canada. Some tips from my experience can be read here .

View in Canada


1 – Top up a minimum of 200K, for urgent needs if you don’t find free internet access in the destination city (be aware, due to international roaming, the cost of calling/receiving can reach 12K/minute and SMS 9K/sms)
2 – Prepare Canadian dollars in small denominations (eg $ 20), if there is a need for example buying food.
3 – If you have one, you can take a few USD with you – if you have to buy something during transit in another country.

If you’re planning to find accomodation in Canada : How to Find Accommodations in Canada